Works to repair Clifton Road bridge to start shortly

Rugby Borough Council is asking residents for their patience and understanding as the council completes inspection and remediation works on the Clifton Road bridge over the former Great Central railway.
13 May 2024

Initial inspections indicate that repairs will be required to the structure supporting the bridge footways. As an interim measure, temporary bollards have been installed to reduce the load on the footways. The bollards are preferred as an alternative to lane closures controlled by 2-way traffic lights, which could cause significant disruption to residents.

The temporary bollards have been installed by an approved Traffic Management contractor and will be inspected regularly to ensure continued safety.

Advanced warning signs and information notices are due to be installed shortly.

A spokesperson for Rugby Borough Council said: “The bridges over the former Great Central railway London extension are now around 125 years old. While they are in broadly good condition, they were not designed for the loads that they currently carry, and some repairs are now needed on the bridge carrying Clifton Road.

“We will try and keep two-way access open whenever possible to reduce the impact of the works on residents. Nevertheless, we do need to make sure that the load on the footways doesn’t exceed safe limits, so some controls are now required.”