Questions at Cabinet

Members of the public can ask questions at Cabinet, the council's main decision-making body. A period of 15 minutes will be allowed at the beginning of the meeting to consider any questions submitted.

Only one question can be asked by a person, or on behalf of a group or organisation.

How to ask a question at Cabinet

Questions must be submitted at least three clear working days prior to the meeting date.

For a Cabinet meeting due to be held on a Monday, this means we must receive the question on or before the Tuesday before the meeting.

Questions must include the name and address of the questioner.

Questions at scrutiny meetings

The overview and scrutiny panels and their task and finish groups may invite members of the public to submit their views and to participate in discussion. This is at the discretion of the panel, according to the purpose of the meeting.

If the panel has agreed to involve the public in their meeting, they will invite people to engage in discussions and ask questions relating to the matter under discussion as the meeting progresses, rather than having to submit a pre-prepared question.

For more information about what to expect at an overview and scrutiny meeting, please contact democratic services on (01788) 533522.

Questions that will not be accepted

Both Cabinet and overview and scrutiny panels cannot accept questions about:

  • an individual's particular case or circumstances
  • any particular housing, planning, licensing or grant application
  • a matter outside the terms of reference of the Cabinet or the panel
  • any matter subject to legal proceedings
  • an individual employed by the council
  • a matter that requires the release of confidential information (under Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972).