Past petitions

The following petitions have been received by Rugby Borough Council:

  Details of petition received 22 June 2021

"We would like to see the proposed bus stop on Mill Road relocated."

Valid signatures 107
Invalid signatures* Nil
Petition valid Yes
Petition referred to: Head of Growth and Investment
Action taken: TBC
Notes: None.



  Details of petition received 12 June 2019

"We would like to see Shakespeare Gardens looking tidy, free from dog mess and children free to play."

Valid signatures 207
Invalid signatures*

1 duplicate
45 signatories with no verifiable address
56 signatories resident outside of the borough of Rugby

Petition valid Yes
Petition referred to: Head of Environment and Public Realm
Action taken: The council will continue to respond to residents and ward councillors to make sure that appropriate desire lines are mown and that there are varied opportunities for general recreation across the site.
Notes: There is more information on Urban Meadows at the councils website. Shakespeare Gardens is adjacent to the highway and therefore covered by the dog control Public Space Protection Order currently in force.



  Details of petition received 23 August 2018

Petition in relation to Sow Brook maintenance, Burnside, requesting additional grass cutting in the area adjacent to the brook.

Valid signatures 27
Invalid signatures*


Petition valid Yes
Petition referred to: Head of Environment and Public Realm
Action taken: A  strip is now mown between Burnside and the Sow Brook, creating a shorter area of grass adjacent to the highway.

Rejected petitions

Any petitions that are rejected because they are outside the jurisdiction of the council, are malicious or vexatious in nature, or do not comply with our guidelines on petitions, will be listed here.

  Details of request for petition received 13 March 2017

“Cancel the Green Bin Fee and continue collecting as normal IMMEDIATELY.”

Petition valid No
Reason for refusal
  • The garden waste scheme has been debated by meetings of the Full Council on several occasions already
  • The council cannot deliver the outcome requested*
Action taken: None
Notes: *The council has entered into contractual arrangements with several thousand householders. In addition, cancelling the service would leave a substantial shortfall in the council’s agreed budget. The council would be in breach of its statutory responsibility to set a balanced budget.